Who are we?

We are a group of 4 seniors from Desert Vista High School in Phoenix Arizona looking to make a change in our community. All of us have a background in coding, so we wished to use our software knowledge to better the lives of teachers and administrators at our school. Eventually, we hope that this system can be adopted in a lot more schools!

What is Visionarium?

Our high school, a school with over 3,500 students and staff, needed an overhaul of the attendance system to adapt to the growing student body. Determined to create an efficient system, we got together to develop a new solution. This solution, now named Visionarium, allows for efficient classroom management all with a simple swipe of a student’s badge. Visionarium automatically compiles up-to-date class rosters of classrooms and attendance data. It also allows for hallway management and student/teacher scheduling, all while providing useful tools to school security staff and administrators.

This system has received support from teachers, the school principal, and a school district board member. A test pilot is being considered for the school year of 2020-2021.

Where is Visionarium based?

Visionarium is a student created project based in Phoenix, Arizona.

When did Visionarium start?

The idea behind Visionarium began in October 2019, and the first working model was demonstrated in April of 2020.