Visionarium Simulation

This is an interactive simulation of our system! The purpose of this simulation is to demonstrate how our program would work on a normal school day. A bell schedule for the timings of different periods can be viewed on the right.

You will see students enter periodically, simulating the use of a scanner in a classroom. For example, students can scan into the classroom to be marked for attendance or scan out of the classroom to go into the hallway. Additionally, students will occasionally leave their classrooms to visit other classrooms.

Passing periods are active in our system as times between periods. A student scanning into a classroom during a passing period will be marked on time, while students scanning after the passing period will not.

In order to log into our simulation account, please go to our Login Page and type in SimTeacher for the username and SimPassword for the password.

One thing to note is that the settings page has been disabled on our simulation account. This is for security reasons. On an actual account, the settings page would have different features that the user can adjust.

Feel free to look around! There are parts of our system that we have left out of this description, so have fun exploring them! If you have any questions or notice any bugs, please reach out to We will be happy to assist!

You will notice that there are gaps of times between periods. These indicate passing period times, where students would move between classes and scan into them for attendance.
The Period 0 Passing Period Starts at 12:00 AM PST, 15 minutes before Period 0 starts.
Period Start Time End Time
Period 0 12:15 AM PST 3:00 AM PST
Period 1 3:15 AM PST 6:00 AM PST
Period 2 6:15 AM PST 9:00 AM PST
Period 3 9:15 AM PST 12:00 PM PST
Period 4 12:15 PM PST 3:00 PM PST
Period 5 3:15 PM PST 6:00 PM PST
Period 6 6:15 PM PST 9:00 PM PST
Period 7 9:15 PM PST 12:00 AM PST