Privacy Policy

The Beginning

We are a group of high school students in the United States based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We value transparency and we have a very simple privacy policy. This privacy policy applies to all products and services our group (“Visionarium”, “us”, or “we”) have made, are making, and will make in the future.

By Using or continuing to use our Services, you acknowledge that you accept and agree to this Privacy Policy

What info do we collect?

In the Internet world today, there are certain things that are shared from your computer to our server. This includes your IP address, referrer information, and request information. Every website you visit today has access to this information. This information is saved for analytics and improvements on our page. For example, if many people are getting an error on a page, we can see that and fix it.

When a user (student or teacher) signs into our services using their Gmail account, we collect their name, account picture and email. This is necessary for our services to work.

  • We need your name to process AcLab requests (or else teachers would not know who you are)
  • We need your email so that you stay up to date on scheduling (you can turn off emails in settings)
  • We need your student ID to process AcLab requests
  • Your account picture is to personalize your page
  • Third Hour Teacher (student)
  • Class meeting link (teacher)

If it is not listed above, we don’t collect it or store it.

Who can view this information?

Because this system was designed by students in the same school, only the software developers (the 4 of us), will be able to view all the records in the database. This is to make sure there are no errors. Other than us, only trusted partners are allowed to view a partial amount of this information. This includes school administration and teachers. School Admin needs to know AcLab visits to help coordinate academic intervention. As a group, we do not share this information with any and everyone and we treat your information as confidential.

To Summarize:

  • We (us 4) can see the information listed above
  • School Administration can see a partial amount of the information listed above
  • And that is it...

And, we never will sell any of your information.

Last Notes

If you do not live in the state of Arizona, or attend/teach at a high school, please do not register in our system. (It won’t let you anyways)

Also, this privacy statement was written by students. It is probably not on par with an official privacy policy, but it should be simple to understand. Also, this privacy policy can change anytime without notice

And, if you want your information removed for any reason, you can request by emailing us at

If you have any questions, you can email us at